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Energy medicine for the mind, body, and soul! 

Do you feel constantly exhausted, unwell

and in pain with no explanation as to why?

Are you unable to enjoy life?

Dragged down by food or environmental sensitivities and sick of micromanaging what you -

or your kids - eat?

Then, let me help you through this journey. 

I am a certified Kinesiologist with a passion for helping those who have unsuccessfully tried ‘everything’ to get back on the path to wellness.


I use an integrated system of Kinesiology to identify and remove energy blocks, giving your body the opportunity to heal itself.



"Andrea is amazing at what she does. My 6 year old son was having problems with concentrating, learning difficulties as well as behavioural problems such as being very oppositional and having angry outbursts. Within a few days of his first appointment, we saw big improvements in his concentration at home and at school, he wrote 2 sentences at school by himself (he had never done this before), he sat for 15 mins and completed a puzzle at home (never before) and he is generally a calmer and happier kid. He has lost the tense look in his face and is becoming more aware of how his actions are affecting others. He is going from strength to strength. After 3 years and countless appointments, we are finally seeing improvement. This hasn't only improved his life but that of our whole family unit. Words cannot do justice to how grateful I am to Andrea."

Julie Logan




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69 Ward Street, Tewantin, Queensland
0417 698 561
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