Treatment Sessions
Energy medicine for mind, body & soul

Treatment Sessions

Each treatment session includes a combination of:


Food & Environmental Testing, Kinesiology, Reiki, Acupressure, Tapping, Nutrition & Lifestyle advice, Chakra & Meridian Balancing, Flower Essences and Energy Clearing (dependent on what your body needs on the day of treatment).


Be Free Kinesiology offers 1-on-1 treatment sessions as well as distal sessions by Zoom. 

$249 for 1.5-2 Hour Initial Consultation

$139 for 1 Hour Follow Up Appointment

$79 for 30 minute Follow Up Appointment (Only for active clients who require a quick "tune-up" or balance). 


Low cost clinic run every second Tuesday for those facing financial difficulties at substantially reduced pricing as our belief is that everyone should have access to wellness care. Please contact Andrea direct on 0417 698 561 to discuss.



Make your health a priority.

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I love being a Kinesiologist. I love the profound effect it has on helping people come back into contact with items that were once a major trigger in their life. That someone can experience the outdoors again without fear of it being pollen season or enjoy dinner with loved ones without worrying about cross contamination of food.  
I want my clients to feel free again … and to regain the spark and vitality they once had.
So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to feeling unwell, disempowered and weighed down by emotional ‘baggage’, call me now for an appointment on 0417 698 561. 
Be Free Kinesiology - bringing you back to the real you!