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Andrea is amazing. I was suffering from constant rashes and joint pains all over my body. Thankfully Andrea was able to help me and bring my body back to normal after 2 and a half weeks. Gorgeous lady with a heart of gold. So thankful for her. Highly recommend.  

Amelia J

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. My legs felt like they would collapse underneath me and my body felt poisoned until Andrea started treating me. I am now able to do basic exercise without muscle fatigue completely taking control and the poisoned feeling has diminished.  Andrea has helped me become both physically and emotionally stronger whilst moving me through some issues. She is just lovely, knowledgeable and won’t give up on you! Thank you Andrea, you are an earth angel!  

Aleena B

I started seeing Andrea in early pregnancy to help with digestive issues. I was blown away by how after only 2 sessions things improved. From there we continued to work together through the rest of my pregnancy, making sure my body was vital and strong for my baby and birth. I felt so many positive changes and shifts from working with Andrea and feel she played an integral role in my healthy pregnancy and wonderful home birth.
Jessica Ferreira

I can’t praise Andrea enough. Not only do I look MUCH better, I also feel fantastic and energised.  I haven’t felt this good in years!  Previous to this, I struggled with constant thoughts about food. First thing in the morning, most of the day and before bed. My GP arranged an appointment with a Psychologist who referred me to Andrea and I’m so glad she did. I am a new person and would highly recommend Andrea to help others as she has helped me. She is exceptionally skilled in her field.

Many thanks Andrea!


Andrea is amazing at what she does. My 6 year old son was having problems with concentrating, learning difficulties as well as behavioural problems such as being very oppositional and having angry outbursts. Within a few days of his first appointment, we saw big improvements in his concentration at home and at school, he wrote 2 sentences at school by himself (he had never done this before), he sat for 15 mins and completed a puzzle at home (never before) and he is generally a calmer and happier kid. He has lost the tense look in his face and is becoming more aware of how his actions are affecting others. He is going from strength to strength. After 3 years and countless appointments, we are finally seeing improvement. This hasn't only improved his life but that of our whole family unit. Words cannot do justice to how grateful I am to Andrea.

Julie Logan

“Andrea Beaufort is an incredibly caring, passionate Kinesiologist who also includes other treatment methods in her practice and I never ceased to be amazed at her knowledge of the intricacies and complexities of the human body.  Over just a few sessions she was so dedicated in helping to bring my body back into balance and taught me so much about the nutrition that was right for me through comprehensive allergy testing and she, like me, believes in eating correctly for your blood type.  I now sleep better, have more energy, both of which are incredible for me as I have never been able to enjoy those two things which so many others take for granted.  Andrea was a great source of knowledge every time I asked her an obscure and random question and her passion for her discipline is evident to anyone who has been treated by her.  She is very generous and very easy to talk to and I always looked forward to my next appointment with her.  She is a very clever lady.”

Julie Robinson

Amazing Results!

I had been experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder for 5 years, I could not raise my arm above my head or sleep on my right side. Immediately after the first treatment the pain was greatly reduced and by the next day was completely gone and has remained so for the last 5 months.

Be Free Kinesiology is amazing and I urge anyone to give it a try. I also found the Australian Bush Flower Essences that Andrea gave me to be of huge benefit on an emotional level.

Karen Hardcastle

"Andrea is such a caring amazing lady, she helped me with so many things, sleeping, bowel problems, eating carbs menstrual problems, pimples & so much more. She's more than just a kinesiologist she becomes your friend someone you can trust & open up to. When I was moving to Bali she squeezed me in for my last appointment, had all the information ready that I had asked her in the past, taught me how to do some treatments on myself & suggested other supplements to take to keep myself healthy. I always felt comfortable around Andrea and could talk to her for hours she has such a beautiful sole. As soon as I'm back in Australia I will definitely be booking my appointment in to see her. Good luck Andrea I will miss your glowing smile, your caring advice & your hugs. Thank you for all your help."

Emma Hanson

"I am so grateful for Andrea's help with my 12yr old son. He was having trouble dealing with his emotions and like most kids, struggled with communicating & expressing his feelings. All we saw was an angry, upset, depressed & anxious little boy that seemed to have no enjoyment in his life. Andrea was so understanding and very knowledgeable, allowing our son to feel like he was part of the healing process. We saw positive changes very quickly and my son was keen for more sessions as he felt so good! He went from not be able to attend school at all, to being back full time and really enjoying his day and participating in class for the whole day. Thankyou Andrea for sharing your wonderful gift of EBT/kinesiology with us."

Kirrily Ball

"While working with Andrea, I asked if she could help me to clear my very intense and emotional response to funerals, in particular when bagpipes were being played. At this point in time, my mum was terminally ill with cancer and we were jointly planning her funeral, under mum’s guidance. One of her dying wishes was to have the bagpipes play “Amazing Grace,” which was significant as her father was a Scottish Highlander who played while he was alive. On a test run in a session with Andrea, we played some bagpipe music on her phone. I immediately burst into inconsolable tears that wouldn’t stop. She did her energy balancing treatment and the emotional response to the trigger was totally gone. I was amazed and so grateful (while we were at it, I also asked for some clearing to the music that would be played!) This meant that a few months later at mum’s funeral, I was able to face the bagpipes at the start of the eulogy with my brother, a feat I never thought that I would be able to accomplish. We focused on the celebration of a life well lived and it was a very humbling experience to be part of and fully present I will always be grateful to Andrea for the work she did, which meant I was able to be part of this process in honouring my mother. I believe mum found the peace that she was after, as I also felt so full of peace and unconditional love during this time. Thank you Andrea."

Brenda Robinson

"A year ago, I was in a black hole ... everything in my life needed fixing, including my health, emotions, finances and business. Although I have always been optimistic and proactive, I had no clear direction and no idea what to do next and had really hit a brick wall. I began to see Andrea for a health issue and we discovered underlying negative beliefs that were buried deep in my subconscious mind. As we cleared these beliefs and negative emotions, every aspect of my life began to improve and continues to do so. It has been such an amazing journey and I am now really enjoying my life and all the future possibilities it holds. It has been so empowering to realise that it really is possible to turn our lives around and live the life of our dreams ... with a bit of help and a different perspective. Thanks so much Andrea ... you are so gifted and have so much to offer."

Jo McMillan

"Andrea is an amazing, warm kinesiologist that brings lots of other modalities to use in her healing. She has helped me so much to get my body in to balance and utilising my food for nutrition. I have learnt so much from Andrea as she teaches as she heals. I have had side 

benefits from the treatments that my partner is overjoyed with, I no longer have sleep apnoea or snore and get a much better sleep. I would thoroughly recommend Be Free kinesiology and have. It is definitely a holistic healing."

Jacqueline Rebelle Valentine

Thank you Andrea for helping me to become the healthiest version of myself. Your vast range of skills are amazing and all of your insights are extremely helpful. I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed and centred! I appreciate your dedicated effort and caring approach towards helping clients empower themselves. I would highly recommend a session with Andrea.


"Andrea is fantastic! I am feeling better than I have in ages, and am now able to eat apples for the first time in eight years! She is exceptionally caring, skilled and intuitive and gets fantastic results. I would highly recommend Be Free Kinesiology to anyone struggling with their health."

Amber Luscombe

"I am very grateful for your help in so many areas of my life. Kinesiology and your sessions have helped me to move through some major life changes, with much Grace and Ease...when the total opposite could have happened! You have been like a Wellness Coach who holds my hand or kicks my butt when needed, while also empowering me to reclaim my personal power and responsibility. Thank you for being part of my ongoing journey and for sharing your gifts with the world."

"Thank you for all the beautiful support you have given me. Your skill and knowledge is amazing and your gorgeous soul and heart is so very much appreciated. Glad you are doing what you are doing as your ability to help others heal and grow is of such a high level."



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