Words to change your life!  Glass water bottle with bamboo lid. Includes your choice of Vibrational Sticker from Good Intentions & Co.


Dr Masaru Emoto's research showed that positive and negative words (and energy) had a affect on the nature and molecular structure of water. We are 65% water and our energy can similarly be affected by positive words and intention.


Vibrational sticker from Good Intentions & Co. are not only beautiful but also offer a tool to help create change in your life. 


LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ Works with fear, selfishness, resentment, separateness, emptiness, judgment.  Aligning your attention toward the appreciation of life, enables joy to be within the heart and see purity in everything, bringing love into all that you do and all that you are.


CREATIVITY ~Works with blocked energy, loss of direction, stagnation of thoughts and feelings. Brings inspiration to life, vision for the future, and vitality to your being. Allows expression of your soul to flow through you and outwards from you.


ABUNDANCE ~ Works with the fear that there is not enough, breaking through limiting beliefs and closed thought patterns. Connecting to an intentional belief in prosperity, awareness of limitless possibilities and the abundance of life.


EMPOWERMENT ~ Works with limiting self-belief, doubt and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Brings forth your inner strength to govern and guide you through adversity. Manifests your power from within.




Bamboo & Glass Water Bottle - Choice of Sticker

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