Dr Masaru Emoto's research showed that positive and negative words (and energy) had a affect on the nature and molecular structure of water. We are 65% water and our energy can similarly be affected by positive words and intention.


Vibrational sticker from Good Intentions & Co. are not only beautiful but also offer a tool to help create change in your life. 


The "Empowerment" Pack contains one of each:


LOVE & GRATITUDE ~ works with fear, selfishness, resentment, separateness, emptiness, judgment.  Aligning your attention toward the appreciation of life, enables joy to be within the heart and see purity in everything, bringing love into all that you do and all that you are

TRUST ~ Works with insecurity & fear. Without trust we restrict the flow of love and life. Aligning with the innate knowing that life is exactly as it is meant to be. You are safe and secure. You can trust in yourself and the process of life.

ABUNDANCE ~ Works with the fear that there is not enough, breaking through limiting beliefs and closed thought patterns. Connecting to an intentional belief in prosperity, awareness of limitless possibilities and the abundance of life.

CONFIDENCE ~ Works with the lost self which causes self-doubt to build self-worth and self-identity. Bringsawareness and trust in self, allowing you to expand, express yourself and your dreams. Gives you the confidence to believe you are enough

ACCEPTANCE ~ Works with discontentment, struggle and resistance to what is. ‘What we resist persists’. What we accept heals. Aligns to allowance and surrender to any situation so we can find the lesson, grow and then move on. I am one with what IS.

HARMONY ~ Works with blocked and resentful energy. Works to release the resistance to life’s flow. Brings appreciation for the natural flow of life and a sense of peace. Life supports me and flows through me. We flow as one

CLARITY ~ Works with confusion, loss of direction and feeling overwhelmed of too much mental chatter. Brings understanding into being. Calls forth insight and awareness so you can see clearly

BLISS ~ Works with hopelessness, disconnectedness and being low on energy. Brings feelings of bewilderment in one’s life, a deeper meaning and deeper purpose in life.

"Empowerment" Pack of Vibrational Stickers

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