Dr Masaru Emoto's research showed that positive and negative words (and energy) had a affect on the nature and molecular structure of water. We are 65% water and our energy can similarly be affected by positive words and intention.


Vibrational sticker from Good Intentions & Co. are not only beautiful but also offer a tool to help create change in your life. 


The "Healing" Pack contains one of each:


LOVE & GRATITUDE ~ Works with fear, selfishness, resentment, separateness, emptiness, judgment.  Aligning your attention toward the appreciation of life, enables joy to be within the heart and see purity in everything, bringing love into all that you do and all that you are.


COURAGE ~ Works with the illusion of fear, lack of self-belief, and shame.Aligns with energy and determination to take action and facilitates the power of change. The first step towards fearless living which creates change and freedom.


PEACE ~ Works with internal upset and distress. Aligning self to the sensation of stillness, enabling action to come from the center of your peaceful self. Calmness resonates and ease emanates.

OPTIMISM ~ Works with fear and restrictive belief patterns. Hopelessness and helplessness. Aligns attention with positivity and faith in the future, allowing you to move through difficult times with ease, joy and grace.


FORGIVENESS ~ Works with blocked emotions that hold one in the patterns of victimization, anger, blame and trapped grief. Aligns attention with healing and creates space for moving forward with love by releasing trapped emotions. Forgiving brings peace into your being and sets you free.


INTEGRITY ~ Works with inauthentic living. Aligns the Self and one’s actions into congruence with your highest values. One acts from truth, kindness, grace, and transparency.


WISDOM ~ Works with letting the mind/ego run the show. Works on separation between the heart and mind. Aligns to insight and the ability to use discernment to govern your choices to speak and act wisely. To use your mind as a tool to and knowledge of the heart.


FREEDOM ~ Works with feeling trapped, feeling controlled, that you have no choice. For issues with being overpowered, restricted or limited. Brings about the ability to create your life any way your heart desires. You are free to choose, free to be.


"Healing" Pack of Vibrational Stickers

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